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Our Services


Welcome to our esteemed kennel, where we understand that making arrangements for your beloved furry friend can sometimes be a source of stress when embarking on work-related trips or leisurely vacations. Rest assured, we are here to alleviate that stress by offering your cherished dog a safe and nurturing abode to call "home" while you are away.


Our premier dog daycare program, where your beloved companion can indulge in a day of energetic play, socialization, and camaraderie with other furry guests and our dedicated staff. Our daycare is meticulously designed to provide the ideal environment for your dog to burn off excess energy, make new friends, and enhance their socialization skills, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for your cherished pet.


Indulge your canine companion in our comprehensive grooming services that cater to dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our experienced groomers provide top-notch care, ensuring that every aspect, from nose to tail and everything in between, is meticulously tended to. Whether your furry friend needs a refreshing bath, a stylish haircut, or specialized grooming treatments, our full-service grooming offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of your beloved pet, leaving them looking and feeling their best.

Dock Diving / Pool Access

Immerse your canine companion in the thrill of dock diving and pool adventures at our premier facility. Whether you seek to prepare your dog for competition or simply want to indulge them in splashing, swimming, and play in a dog-friendly environment, we have precisely what you're looking for. Our regulation-sized 22x42 ft dock diving pool, boasting 26,000 gallons of water, is fully equipped with a pool ramp, dock diving sport equipment, and more. Your furry friend will have a blast while enjoying the finest amenities and features we have to offer.

Dog Training

Unlock the full potential of your beloved canine companion with our comprehensive training department. From private training sessions tailored to your dog's unique needs, to our exclusive board and training programs that provide intensive instruction, and even daycare and training options for a well-rounded experience - we have a training solution that suits your requirements. Contact us today for pricing details and take the first step towards transforming your dog into a well-behaved and obedient companion.

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At our esteemed dog kennel, we offer transparent and fair rates and policies for the care of your beloved furry friends. Please note that these may be subject to change as we continually strive to enhance our services. We will make efforts to communicate any changes in advance and work closely with our clients to address any questions or concerns. Rest assured, our commitment to delivering exceptional care for your dogs while maintaining integrity in our pricing and policies remains unwavering.